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Success Stories

"I have made one successful car share match and I'm in the process of organising another one to start a few weeks from now. This is especially good since it's either too expensive or time consuming to travel to Edinburgh in other sustainable ways from the Scottish Borders.
"I would recommend the service to anyone looking for ways to save money on transport and save on emissions by sharing."
Liezl - Scottish Borders

"On average I am now sharing a 50 mile round trip, 3-4 times per week. As well as the obvious financial & environmental benefits, I have made a new friend.
"Thanks for setting up your website - I personally think that, especially in rural areas, car-sharing is the only practical way forward. I’m doing my best to encourage others to participate, including putting a link on our company intranet, but it’s an uphill struggle!"
Arthur - Aberfoyle

"What a good site! A brilliant idea, and easy to follow with clear maps...
...I'll recommend this site to anyone I think could benefit from it. Thank you."
Val - Edinburgh

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